Accelerating Digital Transformation

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The world we live in changes rapidly. Predicting the future has become more complicated than it ever was. “Some might call it an age of VUCA, an acronym that stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity,” according to Matsubara Fumiaki, Senior Vice President at NEC Corporation. In the modern world, traditional methods might not be able to keep up with …

What Do Business, Banks and Blockchain Have in Common?

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Hmmm…let’s see if you can guess. 🙂 It not that difficult, unless you’ve been living under a rock. Business, banks and blockchain, have Fintech evolution and revolution in common. Businesses are evolving and adjusting to making and receiving payments in an increasingly digital world. Especially e-commerce companies. Every day you hear of a new payment method emerging. Be it a …

TiEcon Marketing Chair Anand Akela and Sandy Carter , IBM VP battling for number #1 spot on Tweetwall

Welcome Sandy Carter, GM, Developer Ecosystem, IBM to TiEcon 2016

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It’s my pleasure to welcome Sandy Carter, GM of Developer Ecosystem and Startups at IBM as the keynote speaker in Trending Tech track of TiEcon 2016. The topic of her keynote is “Disruptive Technologies That You Should Be Investing In Today“. Sandy is very supportive of the entrepreneurs, startups and the ecosystem. She is really excited to be part of TiEcon 2016 …