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About Fintech

For over 30 years, Fintech has led the charge to revolutionize operational efficiencies across the beverage alcohol industry. After seeing the impact of cumbersome and challenging payment methods and strict regulatory laws on efficiency and profits for alcohol businesses, Fintech founders set out to change the game, starting with state adoption of electronic funds transfer (EFT) for alcohol invoice payments. In 1991, Fintech received its first state approval to use EFT as a cash equivalent for the payment of beer, wine, and spirits, and after 18 dedicated years, this payment method was approved in all 50 states. The rest, as they say, is history. Since our initial push to modernize payment methods, Fintech has continued to develop affordable, industry-leading technology that delivers smart solutions for beverage alcohol management. Through ground-breaking acquisitions and powerful technology development, Fintech brings automation and data insights to alcohol retailers, distributors, and suppliers of all sizes. Today, with a deep focus on service and dependability, Fintech supports 700,000 business-to-business relationships nationwide.

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