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About 11Sight

ElevenSight is disrupting the B2B sales and marketing industry by providing the shortest path to revenue. The company/s innovative browser-based video and audio solutions connect prospects with sales teams with one click from anywhere on the web. The problem: "We don/t have enough qualified leads." If you are an executive in a B2B organization, I'm sure you have heard that. The truth is, 72% of B2B companies won/t achieve their revenue goals and 57% of sales reps expect to miss quota. That/s mostly because the lead conversion and qualification processes for B2B organizations are broken. Even though the first meeting will dictate 80% of your success on a particular deal, it takes too long usually 2-5 days, for inside sales teams to get in front of a qualified lead and 20%-35% of these meetings won/t happen. The Solution: ElevenSight Remote Engagement Platform delivers one-click video and audio interactions from anywhere on the web. Our proprietary technology allows marketing teams to embed call links or e-lines and dynamic buttons onto websites, social media profiles and posts, email marketing campaigns, display ads, or anywhere on the web. The result is an immediate meeting with a sales representative that can immediately connect and engage with a prospect or multiple prospects via video or audio through their internet browser or mobile device and without any downloads or sign-ups. It/s the fastest way to connect, the simplest way to engage, and the shortest path to revenue. The value: - 3X more qualified leads - 30%-50% increase in pipeline opportunities - 2x faster collaboration

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