Building AI applications comes with significant business risks. 49% of companies complain about lack of trust in AI. There have been several instances of companies deploying AI at scale only to roll it back after serious negative PR due to bias and trustworthiness issues. Governments have begun to introduce regulations for AI and. Fines for non compliance can be hefty. We're building an Explainable AI Engine at Fiddler to solve business risks associated with deploying enterprise grade AI like user mistrust, non compliance, AI black-box and company reputation. We’ve assembled an awesome team of technologists from companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Lyft and Samsung. Our team has worked with business owners, data scientists, business analysts and dev-ops to get a deep understanding of the challenges they face day to day in converting data into intelligence and insight. Previously, our founder was at Facebook working on an end user facing Explainable News Feed product.