September 2 - 3, 2020


Converge. Create. Elevate.


Software Engineer, Microsoft

Whitney was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago and graduated from Howard University with a degree in Computer Science in December 2018 and is also a proud graduate of Founder Gym, a Venture Capital Fellow at HBCUvc, a Developer Evangelist at Major League Hacking and Software and Blockchain Developer at Microsoft.

Since her exposure to Silicon Valley and Entrepreneurship in 2017, she deduces that technology and blockchain represents tools that can be used to bring about positive change and equal opportunity for all in the developing world and beyond. As such, she has embarked on a journey that will help her grow and execute across technology, entrepreneurship and eco-system building.

She has immersed herself fully in various startup ecosystems around the world such as San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Washington DC and Trinidad and Tobago, where she advises several startups, and connects those accordingly. So too, she partakes in a lot of events relating to startups, such as Startup Bus, and multiple hackathons across the Blockchain development space. Through her fellowship with HBCUvc, she is striving to bridge the gap between diverse founders and lack of resources and funding opportunities they need to have the best shot at success. In addition, she evangelizes the power of technology to communities who have never even heard of Computer Science and Software Development, helping them see the possibility of them achieving great impact, and mentoring them along the way to get there. She advises diverse Computer Science undergraduate students across the US, as well as a bootcamp of students in the Caribbean and Nigeria and she is also the Director of Developer Relations for Caribbean Coding Academy.