September 2 - 3, 2020


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CEO, Semintel

CEO and Founder of SEMINTEL, a company legally accredited as highly innovative by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Colombia, nominated for the Innova award given by the president of Colombia and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

Speaker in cases of success about innovation, entrepreneurship and patents aimed at meeting the sustainable development goals of the UN, invited by different organizations such as: ICLEI, GIZ, UN, RutaN-SUNN, COLCIENCIAS, MINTIC, SENA, among others.

He has generated several technologies with patents and intellectual property on issues of IoT, Bigdata, open data, analytical video, energy efficiency and renewable energies. Green data resilient, autonomous with solar energy and immune to the effects of climate change.

Jury at the NASA Space App challenge 2016 event.

Success story of the Pacific Alliance for innovation and innovation routes 2015-2016.

Invited in 2017 by the German Cooperation Agency ´´giz´´ and the CIM program to Frankfurt Germany as successful entrepreneur in innovation oriented to sustainable development. Success case globus giz 2016 program, technology validated in Europe as the most energy efficient in mobility systems.

Case of success in 2016-2017 with the Ministry of Technology of Colombia on open data, internet of things and analytical video operated with solar energy, applied to save lives and produce high value data for decision making and savings of millions of dollars in costs derived from accidents. case of success open data international event Abrelatan-Condatos and with UN in the event value data.