September 2 - 3, 2020


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CEO/ Founder, Esolvit Inc.

Usha Boddapu a National Award Winner is a Serial Entrepreneur with 23+ years of experience in the tech industry. She is the winner of NAWBO 2020 "Women Business Entrepreneur of the Year", National Award from USPAACC Fast 100 Companies award in the year 2020, Winner of 2019 Profiles in Power award by Austin Business Journal, City of Austin Excellence award winner for giving back to community. She is CEO / Founder for Esolvit, Inc. IT Solutions, She is serving on Forbe's Artificial Intelligence Executive advisory board, The Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and Serving in Policy Committee, serving City of Austin and Federal Boards as Advisory. She is USA Emerging Leaders certified by Federal government and SBA in 2018. She holds M.S and B.S in Computer Science and Rapport Leadership International graduate from Paradise, Texas. As a Founder and CEO of Esolvit, Inc. IT Solutions company, President and Cheif AI Scientist at Arytic Next Gen AI Predictive Analytics Hiring Platform and Social Commerce Ventures, a product company, she oversees a hub-certified and e-verified Information Technology Services and Solutions company providing Deliverable Based Information Technology Services, ITSAC, Comprehensive Web development Services to Government, Social commerce, Product Engineering Solutions, Custom Software development, Application Development, Cyber Security, Bigdata, Cloud, IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Block Chain as a Service, Global outsourcing services, and IT consulting Services for major multi-tier global clients.

Her personal and professional mission is to mentor technical professionals, while engaging in job creation, and giving back to society.