September 2 - 3, 2020


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Director, EST Global / EST Capital

Dr. Sindhu Bhaskar is the Chairman and CEO of EST Global Inc., an enterprise based in the Boston Cambridge MIT eco system, operating from Cambridge Innovation Center Cambridge. Dr Sindhu has worked his career to global leadership in transforming the financial ecosystem through digital evolution, fintech revolution, and financial inclusion. He is now leading an initiative to impact a majority of the world’s population in the rural and farming sector, with an initial beginning in India where two-thirds of India’s population needs intervention. With 3 decades of experience, Dr Sindhu is a firm believer of innovation-driven entrepreneurship. Dr Sindhu is a thought leader in the banking and financial services sector. he has been a progress-seeking banker for over 30 years. Dr Sindhu has brought together over 40 partners in this conglomerate of ventures and a market presence in 17 countries across the globe, EST Group is firmly set towards the goal of borderless banking. He is an alum of the Oxford-Said Business School and MIT- Sloan School of Management, with specific reference to Blockchain and Fintech Education. Dr Sindhu is a visiting faculty at global institutions and a much sought after speaker of eminence, recognized as a thought leader in financial economies. Dr Sindhu is leading a global initiative to enabling a program that is a unified, secure, sovereign banking solution that is seamless and enables financial freedom. EST's vision is to make banking as intuitive as unlocking your phone with your fingerprint. This vision is possible through unleashing the potential of emerging technology, understanding countries' problems, and investing into alliances and partners to compliment the ecosystem.