September 2 - 3, 2020


Converge. Create. Elevate.


Founder, Career Transitions Unlimited

As top Career Coach of LinkedIn, Dilip has worked with over 7,000 clients globally since launching his fifth career during the downturn in 2001. Dilip specializes in reinvention and he has pioneered the concept of an Inductive Resume, which helps clients take their career from the known to the unknown. Together, with his genius-discovery tool (your superpower), Inductive Resume, and forward-looking messages, Dilip has made several breakthroughs in how professionals should project their message and manage their careers through compelling verbal branding. This messaging strategy is particularly valuable to those pursuing their start-up dreams to get themselves the right investor and market audiences.

Based in the Silicon Valley, Dilip often works with professionals, from those just launching their careers, to start-up entrepreneurs, C-level executives, and business owners to coach them to be effective in their pursuits. His clients from 23 countries are diverse: From entrepreneurs, physicians, movie stars, to technology professionals. His previous careers include heading an engineering organization in a Fortune-100 high-tech company, working as a technology consultant, as a marketing consultant, and as a leadership-effectiveness coach.

Dilip has authored five books and has published articles in Harvard Business Review, Chief Executive, and other publications. His weekly career thoughts appear on his website, on LinkedIn, and in widely syndicated 500+ blogs by other publishers, enjoying wide readership. He also holds two technology patents. Dilip holds degrees from IIT-B and Stanford.

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