September 2 - 3, 2020


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Founder, Breakaway Growth Fund


Albinson is Co-Founder. & Managing Director of BreakawayGrowth Fund. We look for founders with a capital-efficient mindset who will achieve more with less. This matters. Our focus is on early-stage companies in North America. We are happy to partner with founders early and be the first investor or invest as part of a larger syndicate in pre-seed, seed, Series A & B rounds.

Our partners have been early investors in companies that have created $45bn+ in value including Pinterest, Docusign, MongoDB, Newbridge Networks & Juniper Networks. We invested $1.06B & returned $4.25B, 3.8X over 26 years working with 68 amazing founders & companies. We are based in San Francisco. Chris J Albinson is the co-founder of BreakawayGrowth Fund, the C100, MIE, FCC, and Panorama Capital ($240M AUM venture capital fund).

Prior exits include Pinterest (IPO NASDQ: PINS), DocuSign (IPO NASDQ: DOCU), Ticketfly (acquired by NASDQ: Pandora), Elemental Technology (Acquired by NASDAQ: Amazon), Good Technology (Acquired by NASDQ: Blackberry), PasswordBox (Acquired by NASDQ: Intel), and Juniper (IPO NASDQ: JNPR).

Chris is currently Chairman of the Board at Ninth Decimal, and an investor in, GameClub, HarperWilde, SignalWire, Gentreo, CareerList, Pinterest, Turo, Stance, 33Across, and an angel investor in Uberflip, People.AI, and 5 stealth companies.

Previously, Chris was a General Partner at JP Morgan Partners ($6.5B AUM private equity firm). General Partner & Founder of FCC ($412M AUM secondary fund). Chris also helped grow four startups, most recently as Chief Strategy Officer for Digital Island (NASDAQ: ISLD; acquired by Cable & Wireless in 2001) and Newbridge Networks (NYSE: NN).