September 2-3, 2020


Start. Connect. Scale.


Wednesday, September 2nd, 10:55 am to 11:35 am

Hall B


AI in Security and Data PrivacyOur World is undergoing an information Big Bang, with the data doubling every two years and quintillions of bytes of data generated every day. As 5G networks and eventually quantum computing based systems are deployed, this data explosion is going to grow even more rapidly. Combined with Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning algorithms, it will magnify the ability to use information and data in ways that can intrude on privacy interests by raising analysis to new levels of power and speed. The question is how this data needs to be kept private, safe and protected? Is digital privacy an illusion? Can we really expect a right to online privacy? Should we fight for our privacy? Also, how is AI being used in security today to detect the threats from bad actors or how is it going to be used with all these rapid changes coming into play, to ensure that AI can help enhance the security of enterprises and organizations? In this session, we will have a panel of distinguished experts from the industry who will provide their insights, talk about the trends in the industry and what can be done going forward!