Moonshot Junior Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based startup, that is remodeling the concept of empowering today’s builders and innovators, and turning them into tomorrow’s educators and entrepreneurs. Our cutting-edge platform and products strive to uncover and nurture the STEAM skills in children. The best part is, this platform is an overlay around the ideas, projects, and products straight out of the creative minds of children between 7-17 years, with some guidance from subject-matter experts where necessary. We take pride in helping any kid who has questions, ideas, and above all, curiosity, for building anything. Kids interact, ideate, learn, and work closely with our team till their products are launched on our platform. These products are widely loved and purchased by other parents and children for education and inspiration, thus furthering the circle of innovation by young minds. Drop us an email if you want your child to enroll in any of our programs where they can learn, create, and share their knowledge and desire for entrepreneurship with the world.