“If our society can seize this moment to unleash the power of innovators to create better models, which allow them to profit from removing waste and finding new efficiencies, we can put ourselves on the path to a satisfying and sustainable health care system.”Michael Chernew, PhD and Jonathan Bush, MBA

Healthcare as we know it is in the midst of a renaissance. With the growing prominence of health informatics, a trend toward self-care, the development of technologies supporting remote care and the implementation of preventative digital health programs, the global digital healthcare market is expected to exceed $225 billion by 2020.

Given the current challenges facing healthcare, its new applications are well-timed: we’re facing an aging population as well as a high prevalence of chronic diseases and budgetary constraints. Enter mHealth, which can now serve as an effective tool to provide efficient patient care. Healthcare enterprises are also utilizing such services to actively involve patients for better treatment adherence for the best possible outcomes. Fitness and wellness apps are also entering the market in droves to help track general health, sleep behavior, and mood changes. Virtual reality (VR) continues to witness increased demand as a diagnostic tool in the healthcare sector — in the form of fully immersive 3D simulation for clinicians.

As digital health advances become increasingly adapted, opportunities for cloud healthcare solutions will be opened up, given that hospitals consider migrating to the cloud only after automating, standardizing and centralizing their processes. And helping drive the growing healthcare cloud market is the legislation being introduced for strict healthcare data compliance policies, a growing demand for a HIPAA-compliant cloud, a greater interest in the load balancing benefits of a hybrid cloud, the rise of the hospital BYOD concept, and a spurt in healthcare IoT.

Come learn and network with the movers and shakers driving these massive advancements in digital health — those who are leveraging technology to help us all live longer, happier and healthier lives.