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Cybersecurity and Compliance

Defending Our Digital Lives

Digital security and privacy are one of the most challenging issues we face in modern society. And as the technology landscape evolves, so do the cyber attacks. Healthcare, critical infrastructure, and financial services are continuously targeted by bad actors and frequently compromised. But it doesn't stop there. Businesses of all sizes have fallen victim to ransomware, phishing, malware and other attacks, while consumers have had their identities and personal information stolen. In all these cases, the loss due to fraud, cost of recovery and/or the loss of revenue are significant and add up to trillions of dollars annually. With the stakes so high, there is a constant need for new effective solutions in cybersecurity. We'll explore its current challenges, new areas of innovation, and opportunities to build successful companies with technology and business leaders in the industry.

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Atri Chatterjee
Hormazd Romer
Ex-Symantec, Ex-Oracle

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