Convergence of 5G, AI/ML & IOT leading change from Population Health to Personalized Precision Health

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The Population Health concept represents a change in the focus from the individual level.Recent advances in technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and 5G are increasing the possibilities of Personalized Precision Health to complement Population Health Interventions.

Using the tools of precision medicine, such as big data analytics and genomics, the goal of precision health is to predict, prevent and cure disease — precisely. Critically, in that order,” said Lloyd Minor, M.D., the Carl and Elizabeth Naumann Dean of the Stanford University School of Medicine 

Thanks to the spread of the internet to some remote parts of the world and advances in fast wireless internet 5G, we are approaching the “End of Geography”. A person sitting in Africa or Asia can access healthcare from advanced centers like Stanford Health in  the USA. This has already happened in the knowledge economy where anyone with a smartphone has access to all the knowledge of the world via Wikipedia, YouTube, Khan Academy, Coursera, MIT Open course, or e-commerce via Amazon, and payment platforms like Paypal, Stripe, Paytm besides current leaders like Visa, Mastercard.   Thanks to communication and collaboration platforms like Google Suite,  Skype global teams are already collaborating with each other in education and e-commerce.

That level of collaboration is now possible and emerging in Healthcare too via TeleHealth backed by AI & Robotics. Patients can be seen remotely via video and served via Robotics & AI. Their diagnostics measurements are available on the cloud, which combined with AI tools,so urgent care can be provided as needed. This will not only reduce the cost of care but also increase the quality of care. 

Learn more here to see how fast regulators are adapting to these changes.

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Writer, Atul Kumar