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Cloud & SaaS

Cloud to Edge: Redefining Connectivity for Emerging Trends

AI is changing the way we design and operate systems at scale. It's why so many organizations are reimagining their businesses, systems, and valuable data they own.When organizations build on new capabilities across Cloud and On-Prem infrastructure, they'll discover opportunities to leapfrog their business and create unique value for their customers and partners.
In this cloud track, we will hear from cloud leaders, CIOs, and CTOs to explore:
  • How they build and operate their systems across Cloud and Edge
  • How they're reimagining the role of data, compute and storage
  • What are the best practices to optimize cloud and edge spend
  • How they provide value to customers, partners and inspire employees
  • You will not want to miss this track!

Track Agenda

Track Chairs

Janaki Kowtha
Technology Sales Leader
Pradeep Nair
VP of Engineering, Cross Cloud Saas Platform

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