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The Scope, Technologies and Opportunities in Climate Change

A must-attend track to understand the latest in ClimateTech, key issues and challenges, technology solutions, financing options, career opportunities - and network with other experts and stakeholders in the field. Come away ready to enter this multi-trillon dollar opportunity space.

Our focus will be on assessing the present state of ClimateTech and identifying the hurdles that require attention to speed up its adoption and implementation. Additionally, we will examine various policies aimed at stimulating research and development, encompassing everything from chemical to bio- industrial practices across materials, microbes, and processes. This will facilitate action on materials, renewable energy, and circular economy options, as well as increase funding for pilot projects, establish regulatory frameworks that promote the use of these technologies, and create programs that encourage their adoption by consumers and businesses.

A review of various fundamental ClimateTech technologies and financing discussions covering capital stack design, from grant funding to venture capital and project finance across public and private sources. And you are looking to get into ClimateTech space, bring all your questions!

Track Agenda

  • 05/05/2023 | 2:30 pm – 3:15 pm PDT
    • 45 mins Hall A3
      Arvind Gupta
      Po Bronson
      Managing Director of IndieBio and General Partner at SOSV
      SOSV/ IndieBio
  • 05/05/2023 | 3:15 pm – 3:45 pm PDT
    • 30 mins Hall A3
      Prof. Thomas Jaramillo
      Associate Professor
      Stanford University
  • 05/05/2023 | 3:45 pm – 4:30 pm PDT
    • 45 mins Hall A3
      Matt Garrett
      Director of the Innovation and Partnerships Office
      Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
      Wade Bitaraf
      Founder, Energy and Sustainability
      Plug and Play Tech Center
      Marsha Vande Berg
      Marsha Vande Berg (Moderator)
      MJGlobal Insights (MJGI
      Vipul Jindal
      Head of Suzuki Innovation Center
      Suzuki Motor Corporation

Track Chairs

Hrishikesh Sathawane
Technology Executive
Manu Pillai
Founder, CEO

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