What do the CFOs of Tesla, Visa, and Levi’s have in common?

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What do the CFOs of Tesla, Levi’s, and Visa have in common? They are all speaking at TiE Inflect!

One grew his electric car company’s shares by 975%. Another is re-engineering the financial structure of a 164-year old clothing brand. The third is a financial leader for the world’s second largest card payment company. In 2017, these three companies posted a combined revenue of nearly $35 billion and a market value in excess of $300 billion.

Deepak Ahuja, Harmit Singh, and Vasant Prabhu are three leading CFOs from vastly different industries who are confronting how AI is changing their respective industries. They will discuss how they organize their businesses, make investment decisions, and relate to their consumers.

Come to TiE Inflect 2018 to hear these renowned Fortune 500 CFOs discuss their challenges and opportunities in this new AI world!

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