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Artificial Intelligence, Brain, Think, Control

Artificial Intelligence, Brain, Think, Control

Artificial Intelligence emphasizes the development of machines that think and reason like humans. As this technology is becoming more and more sophisticated where machines are acquiring an ability to learn, reason and self-correct, the applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are expanding and are becoming relevant to almost all professional areas.

At TiEcon 2020, a bootcamp focused on AI/ML will provide an overview of the methodologies and its implications in many professions. Experts in the field will share their information on deploying and monetizing AI applications.

Dr. Ronjan Nag will lead the workshop. Dr. Nag co-founded the technology company Lexicus that was acquired by Motorola in 1993 and Cellmania that was acquired by Research in Motion in 2010. Later, he served as Vice-President of both Motorola and Blackberry, and served as Chairman of Eratz Labs, which specializes in Machine Learning. Currently, Dr. Nag is a Fellow at Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute and is the founder and managing director of R42 Group. 

In addition to Dr. Nag, AI/ML Bootcamp’s speakers will include several experts. Dr. David Stevens is an IP attorney specializing in patent prosecution, due diligence, infringement, right-to-practice, freedom-to-operate, licensing and litigation. Dr. Eric Saund, a Principal of Saund Laboratories has over 50 patents. They are widely published and his prototypes have served thousands of users. Vaidhi Nathan has over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business leader. She was the founder and CEO of IntelliVision, an AI/Analytics focused company for videos and cameras that was acquired by Nortek Security and Control.  Matteo Colombo has 18 years of information technology and consulting experience and is currently senior executive at KPMG.

In this bootcamp, attendees will learn the basics of how AI techniques work so they can effectively lead data science teams, evaluate business potential of AI projects before investing and critically evaluate AI products for business deals.
To all professionals attending #TiEcon2020 that work in  AI/ML related fields, you do not wait to miss this bootcamp.
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Darshana V. Nadkarni, Ph.D.