MAY 10-11, 2019


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AI/ML Bootcamp for Engineers

Date: May 9th, 2019
Location: Santa Clara Convention Center,
Duration: 8 hours

Bootcamp Description

Everything we have learned in software development is undergoing change, thanks to the advent of AI and Machine Learning. Thousands of jobs go unfilled at various companies, as they are not able to find qualified engineers with deep knowledge and expertise in the field of machine learning. TiE’s one day bootcamp will set you on the right path. This is one investment in your career you can’t afford to miss. Whether you are starting out or want to manage a team of machine learning experts, here is your chance to take just one day from your schedule and attain real hands-on experience with machine learning concepts. Most workshops of this magnitude cost in excess of $1500 but at TiE, our goal is not to make money off of this. Rather, our vision is to help members get educated to continue to thrive in their entrepreneurial endeavors. So we are offering the bootcamp for only $495 to the first 100 people.

What is machine learning? What kinds of problems can it solve? Experts from Google and Google Partners will educate the attendees on advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence concepts and capabilities on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Through a combination of presentations, discussions, demos, and hands-on labs, participants will get an overview of deep learning models, open source technologies, data processing, and ML and AI capabilities. We will end with a recognition of the ease, flexibility, and power of machine learning. You are expected to have some basic level of ML knowledge and need to be comfortable with CLI, Python and SQL. Code will be provided in the training document.

After this workshop you will be able to work with a few advanced machine learning models and understand the ML journey.

Additionally, participants can expect the following takeaways from the bootcamp:

  • 1) Gain a broad perspective on machine learning and where it can be used (e.g., retail and manufacturing).
  • 2) Leverage Google Cloud Platform tools (e.g., the Cloud Vision API, prebuilt ML models such as Natural Language, and etc.) and environments (e.g., AI Platform Notebooks, Cloud ML Engine) to do machine learning.

This bootcamp is intended for the following:

  • 1) Data engineers and programmers interested in learning how to apply machine learning in practice.
  • 2) Executive and mid executive level decision makers who are interested in learning how to leverage machine learning in their enterprise. Learn how to utilize actual use cases for ideas and learn about frameworks and challenges on implementing them.

What to bring

  • 1) Laptop for the hands-on labs
  • 2) Photo ID for verification


TiEcon 2019 AI/ML For Engineers Flyer  |  TiEcon 2019 AI/ML For Engineers Justification Letter



Time Topic Duration Presenter
9:00 AM ML and Ai usage at Google 15 min Google
9:15 AM Retail Supply Chain Adoption of ML and AI 45 min Manju Devadas
Manju Devadas Image
10:00 AM Live demo – Cloud Dataprep 30 min Google Certified Expert
10:30 AM Break 15 min
10:45 AM Lab – Machine Learning with Structured Data – Part 1 90 min Google Certified Expert
12:15 PM ML Modeling Do’s and Don’ts 15 min Google Certified Expert
12:30 PM Group Work – Groups brainstorm and finalize ML use cases that can significantly a company 45 min Google Certified Expert
1:15 PM Group Work – Group Presentation 60 min Google Certified Expert
2:15 PM Lab – Machine Learning with Structured Data – Part 2 90 min Google Certified Expert
3:45 PM Productionizing ML Models 30 min Google Certified Expert
4:15 PM Q&A 45 min
5:00 PM Wrap Up 15 min