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Supply Chain

Closing Keynote: Smart Supply Chain

When & Where

12:00 pm – 12:30 pm
Hall A2

About This Talk

Supply Chain disruptions are here to stay and all of supply chain has already become digital - making it hard to decouple the digital and the physical world in the global movement of goods. The need for instant availability, shorter lead time, increased demand volatility, frequent shocks of supply disruptions and tariff wars are expected to stay with us in the foreseeable future. Kearney research indicates that reconfigurations of supply chains will be needed in most industries as companies race to address these business imperatives in the post pandemic world. 


While companies see this urgent call to action, many struggle to focus and effectively mobilize. There are a few compelling reasons that propel status quo – “when do we know if something is a flash in the pan or a real change to my business model?”, “which of these risks/ compliance needs require investments now and which of these can wait”, “I have all this data, but mining insights is really hard”, “I have these digital twins, but no one can make 50,000 decisions per day…” 


We will discuss practical methods to propel a bias to action. Moving from ideation to action is more art than science.


P S Subramaniam
A. T. Kearney

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