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Gateway to The G20 and The World - DPI | Lessons from India for the World

When & Where

3:45 pm – 4:15 pm
Hall A2

About This Talk

Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) deserves global attention as a strategic priority to enable a shared digital future that is open, trusted and empowering. India’s model is pivotal in shaping this future. India’s DPI is an exemplar that provides a conducive environment for startups and entrepreneurs to thrive. By prioritizing privacy, data empowerment, and private innovation, India has built a robust DPI that can serve as a model for other countries seeking to establish secure and dynamic digital futures.


Nikhil Bhaskar
Pranav Deshpande
Product Marketing
Minoo Gupta
Foundation for Excellence
Venktesh Shukla
Venktesh Shukla (Moderator)
Founder and General Partner
Monta Vista Capital

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