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Global Connect

Gateway to Global Teams and The World - Navigating the digital and human aspects of employment to build Global Teams

When & Where

2:45 pm – 3:15 pm
Hall A2

About This Talk

As the world becomes hyper connected and technology continues to create seismic disruption, the idea of borders and boundaries becomes increasingly irrelevant. The digital first economy and shift towards remote and hybrid work have created new opportunities for how we think about work and our workforce.

As leaders, we are asking ourselves many questions to explore how leaders can smartly build teams to meet business needs while navigating the digital and human aspects of employment, and how leaders can leverage technology to keep the workforce aligned, productive, connected, educated and engaged. Companies, of all sizes, can now tap into talent from anywhere, leveraging technology to bring together diverse perspectives and skillsets, and creating a workforce that can truly drive innovation and growth. The benefits are indisputable, including greater productivity and profitability.

This session explores the mutual benefits of building global talent in a borderless world, why companies need to be strategic in their approach and how creativity and a willingness to embrace change can create dividends. If the last few years have taught us anything, it is that success knows no borders.


Chris Davis
Contributing Journalist
Richa Gupta
Chief Human Resource Officer

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