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Closing Keynote - Opportunities in Cyber Security for the next 5 years

When & Where

12:00 pm – 12:30 pm
Hall A2

About This Talk

How do you predict transformation in an industry? What signals should you be looking out for? What should you do to prepare? Dr. Amit Sinha has been on the forefront of several major transformative cybersecurity trends in his career. From mobile and wireless security in the 2000s, to the transformation of network security into the cloud at Zscaler where he led the development of the largest cloud security platform in the world. Today he leads the effort to establish digital trust on the Internet as President and CEO of DigiCert, the largest high-assurance certificate authority in the world. In this session, he will discuss the major trends that are shaping cybersecurity, big problems that need to be tackled, and what he sees next as we continue to try to secure the Internet.


Amit Sinha

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