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The Next Frontier in Cybersecurity: Ensuring Cyber Resilience through Visibility and Transparency

When & Where

10:30 am – 11:00 am
Hall A2

About This Talk

Cybersecurity is a highly dynamic field that constantly evolves as the technology landscape changes. As businesses adopt hybrid and multi-cloud technologies and with the macroeconomic tensions on the rise, the context in which they need to think about cybersecurity is completely changing. Data analytics coupled with recent advancements in generative AI has the potential to better address the asymmetric advantages enjoyed by modern day adversaries. In this keynote, we will explore the current state of cybersecurity and the forces that shape it, including the convergence of observability and security. Our speaker, Ashutosh Kulkarni, CEO of Elastic, will discuss the importance of ensuring cyber resilience through visibility and transparency. He will highlight the areas that are essential to achieving this goal: helping businesses get visibility into their systems and ensuring transparency in the code of cybersecurity providers. Our speaker will discuss how these strategies can help organizations protect their data and businesses from cyber threats. Join us to learn more about the next frontier in cybersecurity and how to stay ahead of the game.


Ash Kulkarni
Chris Preimesberger
Chris Preimesberger (Moderator)

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