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Security & Fraud

The Quest to Bankrupt Financially-Motivated Fraudsters

When & Where

9:00 am – 9:45 am
Hall D

About This Talk

Kevin will share with the audience fresh information on the economic motivations that drive fraudster behavior. Kevin will dive deep into a riveting discussion about fraudsters and why they do what they do, sharing real-world stories from the darkest corners of the Dark Web. He will discuss the power in deeply understanding fraudsters' motivations, thought patterns, and social communities when developing technology that defeats them. Kevin will share how his early career in biomedical technology development and passion for gaming informed why he founded Arkose Labs and how he developed fraud prevention technology that is so impactful the company today works with the most recognizable global brands across financial services, retail/ecommerce, technology, gaming, and travel.


Kevin Gosschalk
CEO and Founder
Arkose Labs

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