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TiE Youth

TiE Youth - Parallel Sessions

When & Where

10:30 am – 12:00 pm
Hall C

About This Talk

Youth Future of Education Sub Track : The Future of Education track serves to engage young minds to learn from educators, mentors, and visionaries, gaining insights on revolutionary changes happening in the field of learning right now. How are we adapting to the new demands of the future? And how do we plant the seed for a lifelong learning experience? Gain perspectives on some of the burning questions about the status of Education today, and how it is expected to evolve, making it relevant to the jobs and careers in the future.

Youth Gaming and Sports Sub Track : "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy" is an age-old saying but so relevant. Gaming and sports are an integral part of learning and vital for the Youth community. This year in TIECON22 we celebrate Youth Gaming and Sports as a sub-track within the TIE Youth track. Join us to listen, participate, and get inspired by speakers like Neeraj Chopra the gold medalist for India in Javelin throw in the recent Olympics.

Youth Space Sub Track : A few years ago, inexpensive access to space was science fiction. Today, it’s science fact and promising new industry. The Space Track is for anyone who wants to learn about careers and entrepreneurship in the New Space Industry. Hear from leaders from NASA and hot startups about the challenges and opportunities, the secrets of this expanding market, and the skills you need to reach the stars.

Youth Media Infotainment Sub Track : The media, information, and entertainment industries are a vast world that is constantly evolving, from movies to journalism to a new age of digital media. Join the TiECon Media Infotainment track to learn from industry experts, companies, and professors about the future of the media and information industry. What does the future of entertainment look like with upcoming technology? How do you take an idea from script to production? And how do media companies function and adapt to the new age? Gain perspectives on some of the burning questions about the status and future of the media industry, and what a career in the world might look like.

Youth Circular Economy Sub Track : As society continues to advance, it’s essential that sustainable practices are implemented to help our planet. To strive for a circular economy, the world must create products that are reused in the supply chain instead of ones that end up in landfills or oceans. We must be sure to “waste not, want not”. From fashion to farming, youth can play a major role in the future of a Circular Economy in all fields and the TiE Youth Circular Economy Sub Track hopes to drive that inspiration for the generations to come.

Come join TiE Young Entrepreneurs Silicon Valley to get wowed and inspired by the leaders of tomorrow. The TiE Youth session promises to be full of information, fun, energy, and inspiration, serving as a platform for the dreams of the next generation of entrepreneurs and investors.



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