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Security & Fraud

Cloud Security and Compliance

When & Where

9:45 am – 10:15 am
Hall D

About This Talk

While the rapid adoption of cloud native technologies is fueling innovation, organizations are grappling with the challenges of securing more complex cloud stacks while meeting data privacy compliance requirements. As digital transformation explodes the volume of data created and shared, cloud security and compliance are becoming increasingly critical. Most companies will possess the personal and organizational information of millions of customers that needs to be kept private, safe, protected and stay compliant. There are numerous startups that are addressing these solutions from all angles of security and compliance with unprecedented innovation. In this session, a panel of distinguished experts from the industry will provide their insights, talk about the trends in the industry and what can be done moving forward!


Randolph Barr
Chief Information Security Officer
InterVenn Biosciences
Naveen Bisht
Naveen Bisht (Moderator)
Founder and CEO
Akitra Inc.
Ken Elefant
Partner and Co-Founder
Sorenson Ventures
Piyush Sharrma
Co-Founder and CEO
Accurics, a Tenable Company
Ameya Talwalkar
Co-founder and Chief Product Officer
Cequence Security
Guru Chahal
Lightspeed Venture Partners

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