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Enterprise AI, meet MLSystems and MLOps

When & Where

9:00 am – 9:15 am
Hall A

About This Talk

As enterprises embrace AI in their digital transformation, the key challenges are and will be around governance, simplifying the use of sophisticated models and managing the lifecycle of the data, models and algorithms. All this has to be done across the enterprise - from multi-cloud to the far edge, while driving the costs down significantly. This will need a fundamentally new way to look at systems, data, databases, governance and hardware.    In this talk, we will articulate the operational challenges to succeed and discuss the directional technologies that we imagine will play a big role. We will conclude with some grand challenges that we have to solve as a community to make all this happen.


Induprakas Keri
SVP HCI and Chief Product Security Officer
Debojyoti Dutta
Debojyoti Dutta (Moderator)
VP of Engineering

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