MAY 10-11, 2019


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Thank you for showing your interest in registering your company for TiE50 Awards Program 2019 by TiE Silicon Valley. TiE50 awards for 2019 will be exclusively hosted on TheBizPlanner – a premier application for business planning and investor relations.

Sign Up Procedure

To begin the registration process, please click the “APPLY HERE” button below to access TheBizPlanner’s registration page. The same page can be accessed with the link below.


Step 1 Sign Up
The sign up requires basic information about the user to get into the application such as First Name, Last Name, Email and Password. Once registered, the user will be prompted to begin the creation of the Business Profile for the business that intends to apply for the TiE50 Awards Program.

Step 2 Build Business Profile
Once the basic details of the Business Profile is populated, the user can choose to add additional sections to further explain the business. While most of these sections are not mandatory to apply, they can be submitted along with the application to give a clear and concise view of the business to the evaluation jury.

Step 3 Apply for TiE50 Awards Program
Once the user creates the business profile, they may proceed to View the profile they have built. After the review process is complete, the user may choose to apply for the TiE50 awards in two ways.
» There is a suggestions card on the right hand side of the application that will allow the user to apply for the program. The user will have to click the Apply button to proceed with the application process.
» The user may also apply for the awards program by navigating to the Connect module of the application. In the Connect module, the user will have to navigate to ‘List’ under the events category. Once there, the user may click on the Apply button for the TiE 50 Awards Program.

The awards program application has a $500 USD application fee. In the payment process, it is mandatory to use the same email address that was used to register on TheBizPlanner.


TiE50 Winners Awards Ceremony will be held in the TiECon expo hall at 6:30PM on May10th, 2019.